Property owner

Mid Stay Apartments is your partner to rent out your apartment.

Let us rent out your apartment

Are you considering renting out your apartment(s) temporarily or as a long-term investment? Mid Stay Apartments is your partner to rent out your apartment with its excellent service, long-standing client base, unique client selection process and fixed pricing.

Finding the perfect tenant

Looking for an expat or temporary corporate tenant for your property? We help you market your apartment and select the ideal tenant.

Wide range of fully furnished apartments

We rents out a wide range of properties, ranging from studios and apartments to homes and villas in both Amsterdam and Amstelveen. The common denominator is that all our properties are fully furnished. Our interior specialist can help you to fully furnish your apartment.

Mid-term period

We are focused on renting out your property for the medium term. We match our client base with renting your apartment for a period of 3 to 24 months.

Strong expat focus

As an international hub for global multinationals, Amsterdam is an attractive choice for many expats. We have a strong focus on this market, catering for their temporary property needs and ensuring we can find the perfect client for your mid-stay home let.

Excellent track record

We rent out over 100+ rental contracts annually, primarily to large Dutch and international companies or their employees. This helps us ensure high quality property rental agreements and tenants who are renting properties through their employer.

Our services

  • Pricing advice
  • Marketing your apartment to our corporate network
  • Online visibility (o.a. Funda & Pararius)
  • Assisting (virtual) viewings
  • Candidate selection
  • Setting up contract
  • Assisting check-in & out
  • Check-in report

Our added value

  • Direct corporate network
  • Taking care of the full process
  • Access to and advice from our interior specialist
  • 10+ years experience in Amsterdam housing market

Fair & competitive pricing

Mid Stay Apartments can offer you a full-service package for:
EUR 750 for 1 to 6 months rental period
EUR 1,000 for 6 to 12 months rental period
EUR 1,250 for 12 months or longer rental period

Additionally, our interior specialist can help to fully furnish your apartment to create an attractive apartment suitable for our targeted tenant population. Please contact us for a personal offer.